Portable Reveals Reason for Beefing Seyi Vibez (Video)


In an exclusive interview on Nedu’s podcast, “The Honest Bunch,” Portable shed light on the circumstances that led to their public spat, pointing to Seyi Vibez’s alleged selfishness as the root cause.

Portable, famously recognized for his controversial style, gave listeners a candid insight into his strained relationship with Seyi Vibez during the revealing podcast episode.

He recounted an incident from their earlier days in the music industry that seemingly set the tone for their subsequent discord.

According to Portable’s recollection, the rift began when Seyi Vibez approached him to perform at his show, just as Portable was gaining a foothold in the industry.

In an unexpected display of camaraderie, Portable claimed that he willingly accepted Seyi Vibez’s invitation without charging a performance fee. This gesture was intended to promote goodwill and unity among up-and-coming artists.

However, as the tides turned in their careers, Portable found himself in the position to extend a similar invitation to Seyi Vibez. Seizing the opportunity to foster collaboration and mutual support, Portable reached out to Seyi Vibez, inviting him to perform at his own show.

Much to Portable’s dismay, his invitation was met with silence, leaving the singer bewildered and hurt by the perceived snub.

The aftermath of this unanswered invitation, Portable revealed, marked the beginning of their public feud. The Zazu singer expressed his disappointment over what he saw as Seyi Vibez’s refusal to reciprocate the goodwill that he had shown earlier in their careers.

watch below;


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